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In 1981, our family lives changed dramatically with the birth of our Down’s Syndrome child, Randy. His genetic problem was complicated by organ disorders and low vision. Many surgeries were performed to save his life. We endured great difficulties. Nevertheless, through the turmoil, our family members became closer and we grew stronger spiritually.

1998 was an unusual year for me. Unexpectedly, I was chosen as the 1998 Delaware State Mother-of-the-Year. During this year, I had many opportunities to share my experience with a wide spectrum of audience. I felt that my life was challenged with a broader responsibility, which extends beyond my term in 1998. With this in mind, I founded Mimosa Ministry, Inc., a Federal approved non-profit organization

Through the years, I have authored a few publications: "Child of Oriental Face" (1988, Chinese, Campus Evangelical Fellowship), "Light Into Dawn – Randy’s Miracle" (1998 in English and 2000 in Chinese, Mimosa Ministry, Inc.)."A Shining Star on the Earth" (2002, Knowable Publisher), and "The Rhythms of Life (2004, by Randy Chang, Mimosa Ministry, Inc.). over 15,000 copies of the story have been distributed. In addition, a European English textbook -- "New Straight Ahead" (2003, Burlington Books, Cyprus) include Randy’s story in one of the upcoming English textbook.  

While the story was spreading, Randy had grown out of his childhood and became a young adult. Despite his mental and physical limitations, Randy has accomplished more than anyone could have expected. He loves to learn and has become an accomplished pianist. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry from Chesapeake Bible College in 2001.

In 2008, a testimonial  movie, "Waterwheel -- The Story of Randy Chang" was made. It is our hope that this DVD product will become a vehicle for us to encourage people whose lives are facing challenges. We also like to take the opportunity testify that behind Randy's story, there is a living God, who loves us very much. 

Randy and our family have answered to God’s calling. On December 23, 2007. Randy and his parents are officially commissioned to the Christian ministry.



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